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01-31-2010, 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by framinal View Post
i know i know, all MMOs have historically had problems at launches , umm arent ppl supposed to learn from
at what point will devs step up and makes things smooth?
no i dont have any ideas on how to do this as im not a dev or in the computer/server field
but i know enough that if i bought a car in 2009, i hope it wouldnt have the problems they had 10-15 years ago

just because all MMOs do this at launch doesnt make it right
Do you not realize that games are many times more complex than they were 10 years ago? Your impatience does not make the simple fact that games of this magnitude take years to perfect any less true. You will never see an MMO launch smoothly, there are too many variables. Chill out, go outside and stop acting like a child. So tired of people whining about this....