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Well folks, this is the first I seen an IRC channel regulated to the point where you have to register with a third party in order to say anything anymore. The chat was flooded by idiots, joining with the canned suggested generic names during downtimes, but registered users of this forum cannot talk in it anymore unless you are registered with something called Coldfront.

I understand the idiots in chat need to be culled, and I mean the spammers who throw up garbage rather than conversation. I never spammed, always talked in a friendly fashion, but I'll be damned if I'm going to need to register with yet another system just to be able to chat in real time with fellow trekkie gamers.

I feel it's rather rude to do that. They need to change the log in procedure if they want to keep generic idiots out who aren't interested in chatting about the game, not locking out almost everyone and forcing them to register with something different yet again.

Take a look under my avatar there. I've been here, lurking mostly, in one form or another for a long time. That is the first and last time I am registering with this game. My account is active. I have my key for Feb 2nd. If this is not good enough to talk in the official STO channel, then to hell with it. My first frown here. May it be my last.