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01-31-2010, 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by alreya
Exactly. I guess a lot of people haven't been through *recent* MMO headstarts, but the bar has been raised a bit since the early days of MMOs in this area. WAR had a pretty smooth headstart with no major outages, and LOTRO was probably the smoothest MMO launch to date. Even Conan had a good launch, as flawed as that game actually was -- launch wasn't one of its problems.

I think what happened here is that the server design (one server cluster facilitated by heavy use of instancing) may not quite be up to the loads they are getting. What I am noticing is that the game is often hanging on session changes before it crashes -- the handoffs from instance/zone to instance/zone. This does not bode well, because this is a part of core architecture of the game, really.
I do Beta testing as a hobby of sorts - I've done every major, and a few minor Launches. Warhammer did have a great amount of up-time - however it's game play was lagged for a large section of the playing population, which caused some people to have 30+ minute waits to accept Quests, watch a loading screen (Which 70% of the time resulted in a CTD) or reactions from NPCs. LOTRO had issues with stability - not client side mind you, but their launcher had issues & people would lag out repeatedly. In addition, NPCs refused to respawn in some circumstances. Neither launch was as smooth as people try to make them - rose colored glasses perhaps?

Now, if you want to compare Apples to Apples, STO thus far has had easily 3 times the amount of up-time when compared to Cryptic's last launch, Champions. This shows anyone who has experience with both that they DID learn from their CO mistakes.

However, they made another blunder that is borderline tragic - they forgot (And it HAS to be that, can't picture a CFO doing this on purpose) that like Star Wars and SWG (And now SW:TOR), while Star Trek's base has a finite number counted as "Gamers", it's sheer popularity is going to drive a significant number of even NON Gamers to try the game. So, if was like Star Wars & it's base of 200 Million fans garnering SWG a reported 500k players - Star Trek could conceivably see 250k easily trying STO out. It's obvious they didn't plan for that number, hence needing to already add more hardware to handle the load.