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# 1 Oh no! Sarcasm and reality!
01-31-2010, 10:46 AM
I know, it's a disaster when the forums go down on the head start before the actual game even starts. I feel so bad for being jipped on early pre-release game time that thousands of people never would have done anyway.

And opening weekend! It's an abomination! The servers are going down! It's unheard of! No MMO has EVER had issues on opening weekend! We are all going to die without our digital IV!

I am so angry that I may cancel my lifetime sub even though it will end up hurting me more as I would have to pay again if I ever came back because I was stupid enough to cancel a LIFETIME sub even though it's already paid for!


You are correct, this is not the beta anymore, but there are issues that will come up regardless. Just be patient, and everything will work out. Even games that have been out for years still have their server issues. Let things get ironed out

Chill out.

Walk outside.

Take a break.

Scotty can't fix this.

Servers are complex.

Enjoy the game as it stabilizes.

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