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01-31-2010, 10:48 AM
In tier 2 if the feds fight as a team even without vent they have a good chance at beating a organized klingon team or pulling out a narrow loss. This is only true if they have a balanced ship roster, they need 1-2 cruisers, 1-2 escorts and 1-2 science. If it's all escorts,science they'll lose. Having a cruiser to take fire really does help them win. Klingons in tier 2 only have the equivalent of escorts so if you focus fire them they'll pop pretty quick.

In tier 1 if you work together and use your weapons/ship properly it is even. You can't sit back at 4-5km with phasers pelting at a klingon ship with cannons and hope to win. Phasers and Cannons each have different strategies. Phasers want to get close to people with cannons so they have a hard time keeping their narrow 45 degree firing arc on them. Cannons want to keep their enemy at 4-5k so they do 100% damage but also they are far enough way to easily keep the enemy in the firing arc. Your group needs to b-line for theirs and get as close as possible.

This will make focus firing on their part a nightmare and they will have to spend a lot of time keeping their cannons on the target. Cannos have more damage per second but at the cost of a very narrow firing arc. They can't turn their other 4 shields towards the enemy and still fire when they are being attacked which is another disadvantage of cannons. If you want to beat people with cannons, exploit these two weaknesses. If you don't then of course you won't win.

Who wins is entirely dependent on the level of teamwork and the strategies.