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01-31-2010, 10:51 AM
Originally Posted by Stinkybudz
Let me start by saying im a huge ST fan and scifi in general i am also a seasond mmo gamer 35 years old and ive played almost all of them. So far i think im up to 18-20 alpha/beta tests. That being said im no rookie to launches nor problems therein.

One thing you cannot do if you as a consumer if you want your chosen game to be good is make excuses for the developers. What that does is show them you are willing to accept halfassd work becouse of the games license just ask those who watched there swg go down in flames becouse of all the ubergeeks willimg to accept starwarsy and iconic :p

The people complaining about the headstart have every right to do so and LOUDLY. In essence what we have given them is an interest free loan to be able to PLAY the COMPLETED game untill launch thats what ya paid for thats what you should get. (threatining to sue is ridiculous).

Even worse then empty and idle threats is coddling them. Alot of you are young and have never had people working for you but alot of you have and do. So let me ask you this if i work for you and i tell you that on wensday im doin A,b,c, so that on fri D can happen if by sun D still hasnt happend or breaks when you try to use it are you going to make excuses for him/her?

Since the moment they took my money i have had every right to expect and demand a useable and viable product that holds true with anything not only mmo's but for some reason gameing companies get away with releasing half finished unstable products as a rule and not the exception. Untill we the end stop tolerating it ,it shall never change.

Let them know you are unsatisfied but do intelligently,politely,and with some respect. But for the love of god dont tell people they have no right nor basis to be dissapointed.
Well said 100% agree