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01-31-2010, 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by swadel View Post
Ok im not a troll here cause i really like STO...........but i feel i must vent my anger at the current state of things now were live.

I was just about to finish a tough mission on the ground and was at the last stage to be told without warning that the shard is going down...........AGAIN and then logged straight out!

I think thats unacceptable,. And all we get on the forums is bassically a big FU.

Please wait, were sorry thanks. Nothing more. Mabye if they were a bit more forth coming then we would be a little more understanding?

Also do they not read the forums at all or care what we think? Taking the basic attack autofire off ground combat? why? in a game hwere you have to move with the keyboard alot as well as tab target and and use skills mapped to the number keys its extremly fiddly and makes the UI seem clunky.

I see they are not listening to the many threads about the autofore of beam weapons in space and now they take more away?!!!

To add to that the action bar on the ground does not save the skills i put there making me put back all my skills EVERY time i beam down to a planet MOST annoying.

They are starting to ruin this game for me and i really want to play it.


Rant over........Ah thats better. ;-) See you guys in space.........Mabye

Im off to do a few heroics whilst the "Emergency Maint" is carryed out.

Peace sorry for the wall. Please dont hate xxxx
well you always can recognize a sour grape swg player in the forums.......