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Originally Posted by swadel View Post
Ok im not a troll . . .but i feel i must vent my anger at the current state of things now were live.

. . . And all we get on the forums is bassically a big FU.

. . . Mabye if they were a bit more forth coming then we would be a little more understanding?

. . . They are starting to ruin this game for me and i really want to play it.


Peace sorry for the wall. Please dont hate xxxx
Alright, obviously I have abbreviated your long rant, and put together the main points.

Whether or not you are a troll, has yet to be determined, please do not make judgments for the rest of us.

The forums are for discussion, there is no disclaimer saying, "Post your ignorant thoughts, and we will waste time reading them, instead of fixing known problems/issues."

So, you want the development team to halt repairs/fixes, to go on here and post what they are going to do, instead of actually doing it. Makes sense. Using that rationale, we will have them tell us what they will be doing, and never actually do it. Way to think that through.

Starting to ruin the game for you? You are ruining it for yourself, and everyone else. You have been provided with pre-launch access, the game has been pre-launched for 2 days, relax. You are very impatient, learn to be patient.

You are correct, you are not in BETA any longer, but official LAUNCH is Tuesday. Did you think there would be no mishaps between Friday and then? Are you living on the same planet as the rest of us?

You are not PAYING for this period, it was included in your pre-order of the software, which gave you access to BETA and Pre-Launch and a month of play time, which is in essence the important time. Nevermind the extras, such as characters/slots/ships/etc. Stop your whining.

The reason why people get all hyped up and then feel doom and gloom is because of irrational and illogical posts that criticize an entire game based on responses made by a development in place to FIX THEM.

Sit in your chair, go eat something, have a cigarette, do something. Relax, and save your rants for people who want to read them. This forum is not a place to bash the game, its for discussion that is relevant, not condemning and lacking any real substance.

Good day.