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01-31-2010, 10:56 AM
Some good advice in there Phaid, but a Tac officer used right can take down both Sci and Engineers and it stays that way all the way through to the end of t4. I only did space in t5 but i doubt it'll change much there. The opening shot from a tac officer should be from the rear, preferably from stealth and will take any target down to no shields and half health. A quick weapon swap and most are dead, if a sci reacts quickly we have tactical initiative that resets all cooldowns letting us buff damage by over 100% and use exploit attack again also. If the engineer uses weapons malfunction then you end up with around 25 seconds duration stealth which way outlasts it, use it and reposition yourself.

I suppose it depends on the ground traits the tac officer chose when creating the character but the extra 20% free damage on all exploit attacks from stealth trait makes all the difference.