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01-31-2010, 11:58 AM
If you plan on running all beams those EPS consoles are essentially required. Having two Mk III's (for a total +2) is enough to sustain five beams. I would strongly recommend this as a cutoff point, but then I havent gotten to the better EPS consoles so Im not sure if you could get away with sustaining more.

However if you want to get away with sustaining more beams then a big key is to boost your weapon power over 100. Doing this means your beams draw from a higher cap, allowing you more damage. With five beams and 125 power you'll be cruising around 95-100 power. So yeah a lot of damage. Emergency Power to Weapons and +weapon power items are good for this too.

Now if you're running tank build and not DPS then ignore this next part.

If you're running DPS, you want to get the most out of your beam damage, so you want to invest in tactical powers that will do so.

This means powers that either boost your beam damage or reduce the resistances on your target. I prefer to use Tactical Team I and Attack Pattern Beta I and melt face. Combine with Tactical Captain skills like Attack Pattern Alpha and Fire on my Mark and you'll easily start hitting 1k damage a tick on each beam on hull.

Course, you NEED to built around this to make it work, and its main punch is short lived (Attack Pattern Beta lasts about 12 seconds). So proceed with caution.