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01-31-2010, 10:59 AM
"Even worse then empty and idle threats is coddling them. Alot of you are young and have never had people working for you but alot of you have and do. So let me ask you this if i work for you and i tell you that on wensday im doin A,b,c, so that on fri D can happen if by sun D still hasnt happend or breaks when you try to use it are you going to make excuses for him/her?"

No, but I won't cry like everyone does here, nor will I assume that it's something that could have been prevented. As a person who has employed people in the past, as a person who has had to deal with deadlines that were missed, and that had to deal with developers, I have a real idea of what can and does go wrong.

No industry, no product can guarantee 100% success. However, there is a such a thing as "good faith effort."

Yes, I would love that STO was up every second I wanted to log in, that it worked flawlessly on my machine, and that there was 0 problems. However, I realize the realities, that NO software is 100% flawless. Heck, even NASA, who has an impressive record for software development, has errors.

However, what I do know is that Cryptic isn't sitting there not trying to fix the problem.

I have to wonder if you've ever employed anyone. I can't imagine running a successful business where you wouldn't accept anything less than perfection. I've yet to see a company succeed in doing that.