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01-31-2010, 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by AlwaysRemember
Heres what you Feds need to do in PVP

Step 1:
Forget grouping. Stay as far away from other federation ships as possible. The fewer federation ships around you, the less likely they'll die too when your warp core explodes.

Step 2:
PVP Power Selection is important. Pick AWESOME abilities like Beam Overload, Fire at Will, Emergency power to Auxiliary, Tactical Team, etc. Don't forget to use these powers as often as possible.

Step 3:
Make sure you charge into large groups of Klingon players by yourself, without backup.

Lol. I see what you did there. It's sad that they really do these things more often than not. It's the only time I lose if the Klingon team is remotely coordinated.

Slingblades: It's actually not wise for a beam user to get close to a cannon user in the least bit. Phasers have much better damage at max range than cannons do. At 9-10Km Cannons don't even touch Sci Vessel shields. But once they come into 5-6Km, or worse, right in your face/or are on your ass, you experience the full barrage in all its amazement. It's always better for Feds to stay away unless they're escorts moving in for kills.

Unfortunately this is very hard to do when Klingon ships are so maneuverable. Your best bet is to try to LOS if you're on Cracked Planet, or simply do a CC rundown from one target to the next, to get the FF train off you. You're gonna' end up fighting people close range no matter what on either side. The plus side is that beams do get more powerful up close too. I've hit people as hard as 1300 ticks once I sensor scan them as a T3 Sci Vessel with no Tactical Console for Phasers/Beams. It's pretty sick, and it's going to be even more sick when I use Dual Beam Disruptor Banks instead this time around for 10% more dmg instead of that worthless, once in a blue moon Phaser proc.