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01-31-2010, 10:59 AM
Originally Posted by HexCaliber View Post
Simply because it happens repeatedly does it mean it cannot be avoided. The suits are worried about spending too much on hardware that may sit unused once interest dies off, but be under no illusion, this is avoidable.
Semantically, yes, it is 'avoidable'.

However, when we are talking with in the context of a business, that avoidability is greatly reduced.

As Trilel points out, this is par for the course for MMORPG launches. There are just too many factors, and not enough resources available to make it work perfectly.

I empathize with the OP's post. Personally, imo, it is better to never even hear about an MMO, until maybe 6 months after release -- eliminating the 'waiting', the expectations, and the buggy launches. For some it is better to simply wait a few months before jumping into a new MMO -- though I can again empathize with the desire to play it asap. However, waiting, helps avoid the annoying growing pains of Launch, imo.