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01-31-2010, 11:00 AM
Originally Posted by Orfindel View Post
This game should still be in beta, there are not still small errors to be fixed experienced by only a few, there are MAJOR GOD DAMN MALFUNCTIONS. I've played many mmos at launch and they all have problems, thisone simply has more of them. Also, most people arent ****ed because the game is crashing they're ****ed because the entire point of the preorder was the "headstart" which is going to end up being a day and a half of the 3 playable days that have been promised since the beginning. Kick it back to beta and call me when you have a finished product.

100% agree. A paid preorder "headstart" shouldn't spend 80% of that time being down. I too have seen many MMO's launch....SOME downtime is expected, but not this much especially after CB and OB. The server has not been up solid for a full 48 hour stretch so all these "it's been up for 2 days nub!!!" replies are as close to the truth as O.J's lawyer.