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01-31-2010, 11:01 AM
Originally Posted by silentrain323
LOL, its still not stable after months of closed and open beta......why would you think its gonna be better in 2 days???

It wont be better in 2 days... 2 weeks... Is another story.. I feel like a broken record...

there is NO way to test how a server will react in testing with 15k people.. as it does with 25k people... in headstart... as it will for 100k people on launch day.. It just is phsically completely impossible..

The server needs to be stressed an optimized which will take a few weeks of coding and testing.. Which CANT be done in beta... cause there ARENT 100k people trying to play..

If it ****es you off this much... go play something else for another month, then come pay 15 bucks and give the game a shot.