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01-31-2010, 12:01 PM
I said something Very similar in another post.
I agree 100%

All the people that think this is acceptable need to be tranquilized. What the EFF do you think is okay about buying something and it NOT Working?

If you bough ANY item, and it did not work right out of the box you would be up in arms.
But for some reason- its Acceptable to you that Cryptic has made a SHltty product because "no mmo works right off the bat" you do realize that this headstart goes LIVE in 2 days.. and that the other 300k+ ppl who are trying to log in will only make this worse.

Stop Defending. Start Complaining with us.. so the community is on the same page. Why hold out like the Alamo. Swallow your pride-and lets get Cryptic to fix this UNACCEPTABLE problem.

And yes, some of you might think its funny that SOME people, (Myself NOT included) were actually looking forward to a weekend of STO. They bought a product with a promise. A promise of a HEADSTART- for a few days before LIVE- and they did not get it. They got a broken, buggy game, just like we expected.

All of you defending this game either don't care about money, have no logic, or are absolutely pathetic.

Buy a NEW model car and nothing works, and you say "well no car should work right off the lot"

I guess it would be nice to be that rich. Stop defending, stop calling us QQers stop calling us Whiners. This **** is not funny its not okay to run a business like this. EVERYTHING should run smoothly at launch. YOu should expect NOTHING LESS than a $50.00 game. Whats wrong with you?

Meanwhile The "devs" section doesn't even work...