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From a purely public relations / marketing standpoint, being upfront and telling people things lets the consumer (us) see the company as more than a faceless corporation.

This is not a whine thread - the game is awesome, and the game developers have nothing to do with keeping ths servers online, or public relations. Those are different departments. This is an honest suggestion for the company. Communicate with your loyal fans (and loyal haters/whiners) to increase the value of your brand / product / whatever. If something got f***ed up, just admit it / explain what's going on. Listen to some Gary Vaynerchuk!

I bet there's someone at Cryptic just wating to say "whoops, our bad, here's the low down.." but the marketing and/or public relations guys probably have communication rules, because they're operating under the (false) assumption that talking about problems makes them worse. It doesn't. Although you can't make problems go away by being open about any screw ups, you can make people care less about them / increase brand loyalty.

Look at all the complaint threads flooding the forum and ask yourself if they'd still be there if there was some open, honest communication.

..and I'd like to reiterate that server problems have nothing to do with the game developers or the game itself, so please stop complaining that the game sucks because you can't play it. That's like saying my car sucks because there's no key to start the engine.