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01-31-2010, 11:02 AM
Yesterday I welcomed Jagul Jasad Salar (Rascals), today we welcome an experienced tactical officer Jagul HvnsSoulest to our ranks. Welcome to you both and your patriotism shall lighten the path for our people.

The storm builds and on that day our presence shall be known in a swift and devastating manner. We the Jevonite Order shall lead the way as we reclaim our rightful place within the quadrant.

Fellow Cardassians, no longer can we afford to stand in the dark watching our enemies openly flaunt their inferior species before us. Me must step forward and join the cause, demonstrate the heart of a Cardassian is strong and proud. We must demand our place in the galaxy at the end of a phaser rifle.

The civilian government led by Elam Garak has led our people nowhere but the neck collar of a dog leash...Our ancestors struggled too hard to allow this end and we must avenge the dishonor of our people.

Join the Jevonite Order and reclaim our rightful place among the stars.