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01-31-2010, 12:04 PM
EVERY company has this problem because the programming code is unique with every different software application. Here is a true story:

Some years back I worked for Hewlett Packard. You know the big major software/hardware company? The higher ups realized that those of us in tech support were running into delays sending out parts to techs and customers because of an old, antiquated piece of ordering/shipping software. The software had been designed for a third of the load it was carrying and kept going down for hours at a time.

Major pain when you are trying to beat Fedex deadlines for next day delivery.

Over an 8 month period a new piece of software was developed and tested. It was run through several trial periods to check for bugs, server load and other potential burps. This was a mission critical piece of software. It HAD to work right, the first time. One fine Friday we were told, "Okay, the new software is going live over the weekend. It will up and running for Monday morning. There was much rejoicing.

Monday morning we come in, we go to order parts, the entire system is DEAD. Much yelling at IT follows. Turns out the new software DUMPED and DELETED the entire parts database once it was fully on the live servers. The old software that had been resident had kept refreshing the database during the tests so no one noticed the problem. For a full week we could not send any parts to anyone in North America.

If a multi-BILLION dollar company can run into this kind of insanity what chance does any MMO have of a clean launch?