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01-31-2010, 12:03 PM
Originally Posted by Shadow_Falcon
You need to remain cool headed about these things. No MMO at launch is perfect, things get better as time goes on, but even WoW which has been out for 5 years has it's moments. I got a free day of game time fairly recently because of this stuff.

It's frustrating yes, but it's normal. If this was something they could just fix, don't you think they would do that? It's not that easy, just enjoy the ride and buy a cheap back up game for the down time. Facebook games are great for that.
WoW was Blizzard's first mmorpg. This is Cryptic's third. They don't get a pass for this. LotRO didn't have this issue. The game was forced out before it was ready. This will hurt them. You only get one first impression. Many, such as I, will take a deep breath and wait it out. Many will not. Vanguard comes to mind. Such anticipation for that game and it is now virtually a ghost town.