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01-31-2010, 11:05 AM
Originally Posted by Maximus Paynicus
Apart from the server issues, STO is one of the more polished pre-launch (since it doesn't "launch" 'til Tuesday) MMOs I've experienced, going back to ***, WoW, SWG, **** and AO. Whatever your issues are from a "this game is broken" standpoint, I don't know what to tell you. My play, when I'm actually able to get into the game, has been flawless from a technical standpoint.
Yay someone finally quoted me ,but if we're simply going to talk about technical issues unrelated to the bugs, and the constant server "down for maintenance" messages how about this, How could anyone, any company, any Star Trek fan, not foresee the amount of people that would be logging into such a huge franchise driven game? Server overloads have been probably the largest reason given for downtimes, and as a Dev said during beta "we had to order more equipment to fulfill the needs of our player base due to the unexpected popularity of this game", trek...the second largest complaint is the lack of communication giving an ETA on when those servers might be back up, understandably they dont have an exact time but thats why ETA is "ESTIMATED time of arrival". Foresight and communication could have and would still solve 99.9% of peoples issues during this launch/headstart.