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01-31-2010, 11:05 AM
Originally Posted by Vakel
I've played several of your games, and STO by far is the worse trash i've ever encountered.
People have such short memories. I played WOW on day one and at the end of my first month I ended up getting near 15 days of free game time because the server(s) I was playing on were down (a lot) in fact the reason that I played on several servers at launch was because the primary server that my friends and I started leveling on was down for three (3) days. When it finally came back up all the players discovered that the database had corrupted and all guilds, auctions, friends list etc were gone. All that was left was our characters, gear and level.

Then there was the minor bugs, loot lag, random disconnects, normal stuff that happens in MMO launches. All the critics say Blizzard did a good job with WOW and their launch.

So I think a server crash here or there isn't so bad when you consider the above launch of everybody's beloved WOW.