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01-31-2010, 11:06 AM
Originally Posted by The.Dog
There's reasons to go either way on this issue really. I'd like to take the optimistic view just because I'm a lifelong fan of the series and would really like to see this game take off. Cryptic will clearly play a big role in whether or not this succeeds, but the players have to have some degree of patience.

It was a short beta, as far as I can tell, so you have to expect bugs. Patch notes for all patches would be EXTREMELY nice, especially since it at least gives us the idea our cries are being heard. Downtime is downtime, it's going to be expected. I would hope it gets to a point where we see weekly maintenance or monthly maintenance instead of random downs.

The content can get a lot better, but they are going to have to get a feel for the playerbase before really maturing that side in my opinion. Look how much any of the long standing MMOs have changed over the years. I played Anarchy Online for a long time, then World of ********, and both are essentially completely different beasts than when at launch. What they've given us is a template, and now they can either build upon that and things will grow or they can just let it die.

Complaining typically does nothing to improve a situation, although I enjoy it quite much. The more players give constructive feedback and at least try to better the game the higher our chances of seeing success here will be.
So you think i should "Settle" for crap?

This isn't a unique standard for STO, or Cryptic, if any MMO rendered out this kinda trash - I'd walk...

Bugs, and minor stability issues is 1 thing *

The server crashing 4 times in the first 30 hours of head start is another issue, further compounded by nearly impossibly long wait times on instanced load times seems rather sub-par..

Don't get me wrong for a SUB-PAR OLD-Aged MMO, this isn't half bad, however sorry... to say...

But this is 2010, and the era of New Age MMO's why should i settle for a C Grade game at the cost of an A Grade?

MMO's are rather communist, prices are not reflected in quality. There are games that are over a decade old that have more structure then this...

If they "CAN FIX IT", then it should been done before launching...

Is it better to launch an incomplete, immature product in a quick fashion, or take an additional year to launch a more polished product? Which will have better retention? Hmmm...?