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01-31-2010, 11:09 AM
Originally Posted by buddah7118
Do so... why the need to hang around the forums of the game you have no interest in to such a degree they youve already made up your mind to cancel your pre order and flame/troll till you get banned for flaming/trolling? I dont understand it
do you want star trek to last more then 6 months to a year? then I strongly urge you to understand why people are complaining, if people just left then you will not even have a star trek online to go to, telling people to go ahead and cancel and go away is a bad idea, you need these people for support on the servers and developers.

If you didn't the game fails. so think really hard before you tell people to go away.

You think people are ****ed because they hate the game? no they love the game and want it to work that is why people are complaining, they want it to last.

yet you are just another fanbio.