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01-31-2010, 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by Vakel
Thats right, i don't care if you read this or not Crypitc (Or associated entites), i'm going to say my peace regardless..

I've played several of your games, and STO by far is the worse trash i've ever encountered.

1. I find myself spending more time in Character Creation then i do in the game... why? Because the Toon creation is the only thing done properly, even said it's also redundant, and not needed...

2. You draw people in with all this marketing, advertising, and amazing character creation, just to create an impulsive push to buy lifetime subs, or 1 year subs - I find this to be purely **** business practice, you lure us in, and get as much cash out of us as you can, then we realize the game is nothing but a linear rehashed model of your predecessor games, and whats worse, the first week of game play in STO, will be exactly the same as you 240th week of game play... The hell?

3. I've been here since the betas, i want to pull the plug then, but i ignorantly let it ride, hoping ti would improve...
- It hasn't, this is beyond crap, the server stability is ****, even the community website's stability is sub-par.
I know part-time modders who have more imagination, and better upstanding of gaming stability, and longevity then obviously your entire company.

4. My biggest regret is pre-ordering this, I've heard all the "Fan-Boy" Excuses to these issues, and they are not valid excuses :
- "Give it time, it needs to work out it's kinks" - NO, you should have done that BEFORE you launched it.

This game is a representation of your companies ability to produce, and sustain a franchised MMO - On all parts you have failed, You've upset the fan base of Star Trek, and true MMO Players, and Veterans are disgusted with this game, it does nothing to get your attention, the sheer amount of game play issues are staggering, the quests are repetitive, and rehashed, the PvP has no bearing on purpose.

There is nothing to this game, it's a shell with out a soul or purpose, Where is the MMO? I don't interact with anyone or anything - I'm so frustrated with this, i can't even articulate my frustrations..

Seems like the only effort put into STO, was the marketing, and Pre-Order "Goodies" used to lure us into your trap!

1 Month Cryptic, if i'm not enthralled, i'm out - not just from STO, but FROM any title you ever release again, i don't care what the Fan Boys say, this game is a complete joke -

MUAHAHAH Cryptic knows that those are all empty threats. They know that the Internets won't let you go. They know that after all that venting, a single one day of gameplay will leave you with enough reason to play even if the next two days are down. It's like a Casino, you might loose 20 times but that one time you win is enough to keep you playing 20 more times. They have you! IF you could have left you would have during the Beta Stage. The fact that you stuck around so long goes to show that you won't leave.

CRYPTIC OWNS YOU! As it does 39983833838 Other Posters crying havoc. They know that all the B.S. on the forums will die down. They probably don't even read this.
Did they ever read the Beta Forums? Do you actually see the fixes that we posted in CLOSED and OPEN BETA? NO!!!! They maybe fixed 2% of all the bugs we reported like crazy.
Face it. The game is not ready nor it will be for at least the next 6 months. By then it will suffer the Champions Online Fate.