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01-31-2010, 11:14 AM
I don't disagree with his statements or intenti. They're actually similar to mine. I did not buy lifetime or even 12 month subs because I didn't trust that the game would be up to the standard of a good, solid, enjoyable MMO by then. My friends/ and guildmates from prior games are curious about STO--I've been warning them off for now. Give it six months. Since I did the pre-order I'll give it a month, , myself, though I'm not expecting miracles and will probably after that time leave the game to either grow and sophisticate or flounder and be abandoned.

This isn't nerd rage, threat, or anything else. Just a communication that says "here's my level of tolerance". I've tried to log into STO three times over the past weekend; all three times it was down. Open Beta is certainly continuing into head start! Yes, one could say "these things are expected with an MMO, MMO X was much worse at start" but why hold yourselves to the worst possible standards and expectations for a launch? I would expect more after having launched two other titles and having the cumulative experience of watching multiple other ones launch previously.

I have no doubt that the devs love Star Trek, but in this case ithe game also needs expertise, competence, and the ability to provide a stable platform for play.