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01-31-2010, 11:15 AM
Originally Posted by Vakel
Last post i've said my peace - I won't agrue with ignorant fan boys entrenched in their fluffying trends.

Look around, on this website, MMORPG, and other open sourced reviews on this game, i'm not alone in my notions.

I'm not settle for a sub-par game, if you can pay large amounts of capital to wait for a game to mature, be my guest, you ovbously are easy to entertain - Good on you, personally none of this banter is changing my mind, you are only reinforcing my point, that all you can do is be trolls.. you can't articulate a point worth considering..

Have fun trolling each other, hope you find a new forum to do it on once this one shuts down because they can't fund it anymore - due to such low retention Buh Bye Fan bois.
well on closing i have noticed that you think people are trying to change your mind i have'nt seen any of this so far what i have seen is people who dispute your ideas which by your last post seen quoted here is'nt really your own. nobodys saying god man please dont go. if anything people are saying leave the game will be better with out you.