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But in the end it is good that these issues popped up in headstart and not after the game went live on the 2nd.

The key question is will the Cryptic crew be able to keep these issues from happening when the live launch happens. I seriously doubt it. But at least with Headstart they have a 'head up' on what the issues will be and can formulate a solution quicker.

This is not a rant as I will not complain about the downtime, sure I am not able to game but there are more important things in life than playing STO. I also applaud the Cryptic crew on their development of the game, I know that this is just a small roadbump in the launch, that almost every MMO goes through.

I look forward to when I can play STO again but until then I know that the Cryptic crew are hard at work trying to overcome the issues that plague them. They need support, not ranting.