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01-31-2010, 11:19 AM
Originally Posted by Carltronus
New games still have these problems too. I've probably tried more MMORPG's than you've had hot dinners. They all suffer server instability at the start.
The number of MMOs you've played and the number of MMOs that have problems at launch are irrelevant to the fact that nobody likes downtime.
The fact that nobody likes downtime is irrelevant to the fact that the server is down and that they're presumably working to bring it back up quickly.

It's bad for an MMO producer to have unexpected downtime and errors. But it happens, because there are too many variables to account for in PC gaming, even with lengthy and broad beta tests. So, yes, it sucks. Either deal with it or cancel your account. We don't need three full pages of threads complaining about it.