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It's two days till launch, the server problems are no doubt due to the huge amount of players that joined both open beta and the headstart offerings. to be honest, I would rather have these server capacity issues dealt with now rather than waiting and limping along for months. Even if it takes a week to sort through it and fix the problems it's very worth it. My point is that we all need to calm down. Surging the forums with hate and ignorance is niether productive or helpful. Much of it is just the angsty rage of bored children.

I see alot of people raging about how Cryptic should have known about this and should have been ready. Well, some things are not able to be prepared for. You have to deal with some things as they happen and having 3x more people than expected is one of those things. I see it as a good thing. It means A. They didn't just copy from CO or any other cryptic game. And B. Lots of people joining means more money devoted to STO content and development. I think it's a win win.

Those who are paying monthly should be compensated for the downtime. Being a lifer, I'm not worried too much about it but I can understand the frustration.

See you out there!