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01-31-2010, 12:20 PM
So to sum up, these are the ally shield-healing bridge officer powers.

Engineering: Extend Shields
Science: Science Team, Transfer Shield Strength

Each of these is available as at Ensign and Lieutenant levels normally, with Lt. Commander versions being rarer.

Which is the best? That depends a lot on your build. They are affected by different skills.

Extend Shields is improved by the various Shield-related skills in the Starship Engineering tree (Starship Shield Performance, Starship Shield Efficiency, and Starship Engineering itself, I believe).

Science Team is buffed by the Science Team Leader skill.

Transfer Shield Strength gets its bonuses from Starship Operations Training, Starship Deflectors, and Starship Deflector Field.

If you can't fit all three powers into a build (and you may not want to, anyway), pick the ones that best fits your skill point expenditure.

Note that Science Team is the only one of the three that also works on yourself.