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# 1 Marketing/Economy 101
01-31-2010, 11:21 AM
This is for all you teenage, fanboy apologists trolling the forums.

Every large company trying to sell a new product knows this fact: word of mouth drives or kills sales.

Take any 100 people. 50 people won't know about or care about your product. Of the remaining 50, 40 will already have a product in their lives that suffices their needs. Of the 10 remaining, 1 will buy it no matter what, 4 will try it, but not buy it if they don't like it. And the remaining 5? The remaining 5 have heard of the product but haven't tried it. They are thinking about buying it BUT are waiting to hear what the 4 people trying it out tell them.

You see, the reality of the situation is, the difference between success and failure here, is 1% vs 10%. You fanboys are the blind 1% that will always buy the product, no matter how terrible it is. They could put a dead rat in a box, and you'd buy it, just for the novelty of saying you did, and you'll even defend your purchase of it. But if the only people to play the game are the 1% of the morons that would buy a dead rat in a box, the company can just keep the game alive and cut budget to it by 99%.

So, let me be explicit. If the game has a tiny player base, then the game will get its budget cut. So even IF it IS kept around after the first year or two, all support and development costs for the game will be 1% of what it could be for a large and robust game population. The monthly subscriptions PAY for development, and development isn't cheap. People canceling the game is a big deal, because they have friends among the 5 other people who would buy the game if their friend likes it.

Meanwhile, the publisher will be looking at developing a new game. And if that game happens to take off, what happens to games that underproduce or have small populations? They get shut down in order to move their budgets to games that are producing (example: "Hellgate: London"). These companies are in the business of making money, not in archiving failed games.

Stop trolling people that say they are quitting. This game will suffer if the people leave.

That is all.

PS - Yes, I am a lifetime subscriber. I want this game to succeed, because I want my money's worth out of it. I didn't have mommy and daddy buy my game for me, like you.