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01-31-2010, 11:22 AM
Originally Posted by Keadin View Post
You sir, are drawing conclusions based on nothing. What doesn't surprise me is the black-and-white view you apparently have. either I work for Cryptic or I'm useless. Either STO is perfect or it shouldn't be launched.

I don't know why you think I'm defending an unfinished product. I am pointing out that there are currently no paying customers in existence for STO and that people by that logic are in no position to demand or complain. Or maybe it was the fact that I recognise the hard work being done behind the screens?

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There are two men chopping down a tree, one is using an axe and one is using a herring, both are working equally hard but the man with the axe is going to succeed. ie, hard work is not enough, you need to implement common sense as well. No about your previous post, if you honestly believe that the servers will not go down like this in three days, that the magical server fairy will fix the huge problems we are encountering than i have some suggestions for decent mental helath care professional for you, delusions CAN be cured.

Now, three weeks ago Cryptic had to rush order servers to meet the demands for open beta, that mean that not only were they unprepared for open beta, but they were WAAAY underprepared for launch. Why wait until the last minute to make sure the hardware requirments were met? Were they that short on cash?

So once again here is the suggestion of the week. Have mirrored servers... when you have to apply an emergency patch, patch server 1. 2 hours later take server 2 down, do the incremental update on server 1 bring server 1 online, total downtime, 30 minutes at the most. fix server 2, bring server 2 up to date. If game programmers were held to the same standards of application programmers the world would be a better place...