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01-31-2010, 12:23 PM
Originally Posted by hellcane View Post
Every MMO released to date has had more problems than we have seen so far in STO. While this sucks as a customer, it is also a fact of development. The people blowing up about a fraction of the day where they cannot play failed to understand what playing a MMO at launch will be like.

Nothing productive comes from screaming murder because the server crashed. I, like many other people, knew what I was in for when I bought STO with the intention to play from launch. I knew there would be crashes, and while I am annoyed, I will not post all over the forums crying about it. Some also fail to understand what it takes to develop software. They only see games that have been out for years, and get upset that that they don't have something that meets their wrong expectations.
Once again you are completely missing my point, i am not screaming murder nor am i crying or expecting this game to be completely bug free. My point being that it does not matter how bad other games of the same genre have been during their launch periods, defending cryptic by saying that they are doing a great job when it comes to fixing bugs and server stability is as i have stated many times before in this thread, counterproductive.

I have done my share of programming and realize that solving bugs is a pain, but if you are getting paid for it and you do have a time limit (which in this case happens to be 2 days ago) you should be ashamed. I would never send a customer a piece of software that i've programmed with this many flaws and still expect the customer to pay me for the time it takes me after the time limit is over to fix them. The beta should have continued for a month or so to make sure they got most of it right, apart from a few graphical glitches i've bumped into most of the bugs i saw in the beta.