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# 3 Try the following...
01-31-2010, 11:24 AM
Try making a text file, call it NumpadBinds.txt for example, and put the following in it:

Numpad1 "UseTraySlot1 0"
Numpad2 "UseTraySlot1 1"
Numpad3 "UseTraySlot1 2"
Numpad4 "UseTraySlot1 3"
Numpad5 "UseTraySlot1 4"
Numpad6 "UseTraySlot1 5"
Numpad7 "UseTraySlot1 6"
Numpad8 "UseTraySlot1 7"
Numpad9 "UseTraySlot1 8"
Numpad0 "UseTraySlot1 9"
Control+numpad1 "(null)"
Control+numpad2 "(null)"
Control+numpad3 "(null)"
Control+numpad4 "(null)"
Control+numpad5 "(null)"
Control+numpad6 "(null)"
Control+numpad7 "(null)"
Control+numpad8 "(null)"
Alt+numpad1 "(null)"
Alt+numpad2 "(null)"
Alt+numpad3 "(null)"
Alt+numpad4 "(null)"
Alt+numpad5 "(null)"
Alt+numpad6 "(null)"
Alt+numpad7 "(null)"
Alt+numpad8 "(null)"

Then, you can use the command /bind_load_file NumpadBinds.txt to load up the bind file and have your numpad keys invoke the powers slotted in tray #2. I think it's tray number two, but I could be wrong. I hope it'll work for you, because it does for me.