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01-31-2010, 11:26 AM
Originally Posted by Inviegle View Post
As of this morning I'm level 24 in my Fedrat. I haven't even bothered with my Klingon until I get some more content on that side- killing 100k NPC's or the same players over and over again is not my cup of tea, TYVM. Plus I want to learn all the skills and what they do, before I go into a final Klingon character.

Seriously, levelling is SOOOOOO easy on the Fedside with just PVE, if you use some common sense about it and not fly all over the place, but do missions in geographic and sequential order. The gear you get makes you invincible too- at least PVE wise.

Look, its all about time management, not rushing. If you use your head you can level uber fast in a short amount of time and not miss a single bit of content.
Again, I'm joking. I don't care how fast Feds level, unless it results in Klinks getting nerfed like it did in Open Beta. I just wish Cryptic would stop punishing Klinks for stupid things like there being no content, so they slow it down and make it even grindier (yeah that's a word )