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So far during this headstart for STO I have spent more time offline because of the srvers either crashing ormaintenance. BEFORE ANY BODY STATES THAT THIS IS PRE-LAUNCH PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT THE GAME LAUNCHER ITSELF STATES BETA IS OVER. I have purcahsed a lifetime subscription as well as paid for a pre-order. So yes I am a paying customer at this point. One of the reasons for my descission to make a pre-launch purchase of STO was the headstart offered for doing so. However, due to STO server issues, I have not been able to play the "headstart" as advertised. I feel that Cryptic should compensate those of us who have been suffering through this something "in game". Either X number of skill points or credits or merits. Something. We are not advancing our charactors as promised with our Pro-order Headstart. What do you, the other customers of this mmo, think?