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01-31-2010, 11:31 AM
Originally Posted by Unspoken
If you don't complain they'll never know there's a problem or that people are upset about it. If everyone had the "it's ok, i'll just sit and deal with it" mentality nothing would ever get done. In fact Cryptic has said on multiple occasions they wouldn't have known about a bug/problem/glitch if it wasn't for people on the forums telling them about it.

"Complainers" wanted a T2 Klingon Cruiser - they got it
"Complainers" wanted a more fleshed out and clean UI - they got it
"Complainers" wanted more balanced space combat - they got it
"Complainers" wanted the ground combat to be easier - they got it
"Complainers" wanted the alpha strike damage lowered - they got it

Now explain to me again why "whining/complaining" doesn't accomplish anything.

People are complaining about the servers not being up and crashing, and some of you are telling them that it's ok, that it's expected and to stop complaining. What a backwards ass thing to say. You expect something you pay for not to work? I have some prime real estate in Afghanistan I'd like to sell you.
Can we Add

"Complainers" wanted Autofire for basic attacks on the ground, and for beam weapons in space - they got it

To the list?