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01-31-2010, 12:36 PM
The key to answer the OP's question is simeply to make sure that you understand that your ship determines the lions' share of your abilities and playstyle in combat, since your bridge crews' stations (and the rank of the stations) are determined by ship type, your ships shield/hull/speed/turn rates are all attributes of the ship, and the equipment you can outfit your ship with is determined by the ship's slots. The 4 or 5 career-dependent space abilities your captain earns himself are only going to tweak your role and play experience in space slightly from the ship's baseline.

So if a cruiser is what you want to drive, then you'll predominantly play like a cruiser. On the ground, if you want to play with tactical kits and abilities, then pick a tactical officer, and know that you'll get a few tidbits that will affect your cruiser play, like a temporary maneuver buff or a small damage buff.