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01-31-2010, 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by Galactium
Please if you are going to preach please live by your own sermons, Fanboi no matter how many languages you know is still derogatory.

There is a certain amount of complaining to be expected but alot of it is unreasonable.

if you beta tested many MMOs I am sure you know then that server down time can unfortunetly be expected.

But I disagree with people saying fanbois hurt games more than the complainers.
If you heard 10 people talking about how good a restuarant is then one guy came up and said no way would he go there that he found a bug or something in his food would you go to there and give the place a try even though there are 6 other restuarants just like that one you could go to?
This is NOT beta. They have taken 70 dollars of my money. 60 of wich was not supposed to be taken till teus.