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This game really meets the conventional architecture of a fps as opposed to a mmorpg, as defined by Cryptic, the more I play it.

STO is a rudimentary space shooter.

*Space is, by their design are nothing more than small, confining shoe-boxes of many instances.

*Space is segmented into these life-less nodes of rooms with 4-walls, a floor and ceiling.

*pve and pvp combat consists of a frag-fest of no contributory game-play reward or consequences.

*Like a simple fps mapping content system, the space and ground combat has the most limiting, redundant, counter-strike fps pve of any game in the genre.

*Again, like a fps pvp match without any game-play contributory value, other than winning a map, it amounts to targeting an enemy, gun at that enemy, kill said enemy, rinse, and repeat without any contributing game-play value, other than points toward character progression.

*Your rewarded as much for winning as losing. There are no consequences for loss, but a huge win of respawning immediately close to the frag-fest action to do it all over again.

*Rpg is non-existant since all map points and personal wins are based on ‘damage-output or kills’, and without anyone playing a role as a science officer or engineer being recognized or rewarded for healing or shielding, for example; everything favors the tactician role only of damage.

*Exploration mmorpg style doesn’t exist, so there’s no freedom of exploration. No exploration to other planets or discovery; again, your confined to your shoe-box instance, fps style without anything dynamically to do. There is no away-team capability to freely explore the surface of a planet, which is essentially an inanimate marble, in a shoe-box instance.

*As with a limiting fps lobby system of maps, content is sorely lacking to the point where very very early on in this game, the 'instanced' pve quests are nothing more than similar repeatable maps and mobs of previous quests/maps done.

*As with a fps lobby system game, the massively is missing from mmorpg where community feels fragmented to one of those several small instanced zones that does nothing to encourage the feel of massively multiplayer entertainment.