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01-31-2010, 12:40 PM
Originally Posted by Touchback
I love STO, so let me get that out there.

What is really annoying me is the total lack of communication. "LET THEM EAT STATIC" can only go on so long before folks just start to give up and go on with their lives in other ways.

Telling us "server's broke, be back asap" doesn't cut it. Works in closed beta, barely acceptable in open beta, but in production/release, it is categorically unacceptable. We demand time frames, basic reasons for the crash and what you're doing to prevent this issue from affecting our experience in the future. In short, TALK TO US. Post on the forums, update the launcher, keep us Informed.

We are no longer "users" we are customers.

When I used a bad word on the forums defending STO I was issued a warning by a GM, so I KNOW you people are out there, lurking. If you can find the time to punish me for making a swear, then you can dang well tell us what the heck is going on with the server and what you are going to do to make right on the "head start" portion of our transaction, which to my thinking is a rather big disappointment.

Note: Launch isn't until Tuesday. If you actually thought buying a preorder/pre-release headstart program and actually thought it wouldn't have problems...

Every MMO has extensive downtime the first 2 months after release. Most of us know this when we bought the game and signed up for this headstart.

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