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01-31-2010, 11:40 AM
Originally Posted by Azash470 View Post
actually the wow launch was crap. Alot of WoW's original code was leaked during closed beta so there was so much exploiting in WoW even to this day. If you doubt me watch some you tub videos people like to make them of there sploits just to rub Blizzards face in it. Only difference in WOW is you currently have a gigantic population so it hides a great deal of what is happening in the game.
Without wanting this to become another WOW sucks thread, I can't really agree with that.
Bashing wow became the hip thing to do cuz it is the largest and most succesful MMO out there, but I was there during launch, I was there in the U.S beta - Korean Beta - and E.U official launch, (can't really speak about the U.S launch since I wasnt there and it was before) but it in the E.U it went smooth... really smooth.

I'm no blizzard fanboi, and they certainly don't go for innovation, basically they just take what's been done before and perfect it - thus wow came to be, and pretty much every other blizzard game.

But mainly my point is STO and every other recent MMO seems to just be released without being ready, or even near that.

Geometry out of place, mixed up NPC body models, crucial things that are missing and are "to be added later" like klingon pve content - it just makes no sense to me that developers who care for their product, who spend day in and day out working on it, would ever agree to release it in this state, unless publishers and marketing departments have a stronger hold on game companies than I ever thought.

Just to name a few - Age of Conan was a complete and catastrophic disaster cuz of the same problem.

Even single players games seem to be plagued by this recentely - Empire Total War - released incomplete and quite buggy.

It's just a sad trend that I've been noticing and the only explanation I find for it is the almighty dollar and a big middle finger to the consumer.