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01-31-2010, 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by Ryokan View Post
Never play an MMO until a month or two after launch, problem solved. If you refuse that, you have to accept that you will experience some birth pangs. It's as simple as that.
Oh so the small print when I ordered the game said:

(oh and by the way, the server cannot stay up for more than 10 hours without going down when both US and Europe play so if you dont mind, please buy our game in a few months when we figure out a way to fix this, in the meantime anybody else who is happy to pay $50 and not get the service that you are paying for then please do so but you have no right to complain as this is new and we dont know what we are doing but we will take your money anyway)

HMMMM I must have missed that.......