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01-31-2010, 11:50 AM
Originally Posted by Wernicke View Post
I am so tired of you sheep, you are getting awful service for your money and you won't even realize it.
Beta was long and the devs had years(yeah literally) to prepare for this day and i still find bugs everywhere, people get disconnected and there is a several hour long unscheduled maintenance going on right now.

Why are you defending this bull****?
Alot of people played the beta and i will agree that during the beta these things are going to happen but this happening after the release is stupid.

I love this game and i love star trek even more but you cryptic fundamentalists are retarded, instead of trying to push cryptic into doing their jobs(at all/better/faster) you give them just another reason to continue their slacking.

The fact that employee X doesn't do anything at work doesn't mean that employee Y not doing anything is a good employee, it means that both are awful and need to get fired/no paychecks at the end of the month.

TLDR: people defending cryptic by using the argument that other mmos being just as bad are counterproductive ****** that need to get out of this forum.
I agree they should do their jobs no doubt. I just think a lot of people appreciate them for doing a Star Trek MMO. The fact that they used their current technology to push it out quicker (assuming you don't count the time perpetual took to SCREW US out of the MMO for whatever reason they went bankrupt) and also (I feel) REALLY tried to pay attention to what current Trek fans want and also appeal to new Trek people so that the Trek phenomenon can keep on going into the future instead of rolling over and dying. I too think it's all a good thing! Don't you?

Point is we should have seen STO a lot sooner, when perpetual went under Cryptic picked up the title and I couldn't have been happier. I know Cryptic (regardless of whatever bad things they do) at least seem to be pretty solid. I feel close to comfortable saying this company isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and they're REALLY PROBABLY not likely to be stupid like Perpetual. The game is fun, and can be improved on later. They rolled it out as fast because we've been waiting so long I'm sure. That affords a little patience to iron out some of the little things.

Cryptic is no worse or better than any other company out there regardless of industry. They're out to make money. I hate them all. At least they bother listening to it's customers a little though and it gives me something to do that's addictive and fun.