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01-31-2010, 12:57 PM
Originally Posted by Lordboo View Post
yes thats true but i wonder how many of you people are developers? many of you really understand what is needed to create your little world? also have anyone ever thought about the idea that cryptic is really a bunch of real live human beings? not just a corporation...a little positive feedback and gratz on what they have done (which imo is enormous) would be nice for a change...being a 35 yr old gamer u should appreciate what is possible today (im 42 btw) and the many problems and difficulties that arise from such complex technology....quit being so damn spoiled....quit being such a whiney consumer and give the guys a break at cryptic i think so far and i do meqan so far they have done a great job and fining bugs and fixing issues....ALSO BTW ....SWG STAR WARS GALAXIES IS STILL RUNNING IT WASNT THE STAR WARSY **** THAT MADE IT GET CRAPPY IT WAS THE NON STAR WARSY CRAP AND SONY'S IDIOT IDEA TO NERF THE GAME DOWN FOR SNOT NOSED IDIOT KIDS THAT MESSED UP THE GAME yes there are alot of younger players but who is the player base that has jobs and can pay for fees? who is the player base that doesnt generally just play for a few months and then move on to somethin else because their suger induced adhd whiny spoiled consumer child minds cant handle staying loyal...its not the 35-40 year olds i can tell ya no its the 9,10,11,12,13,14 yr olds that present this behavior to young to realize that they are lucky to have technology like this at all....sit them down with an atari 2600 and yars revenge for a few months then maybe they will appreciate this game...
This is not the first MMO. We do not have to be developers to judge the quality or direction of a game. It is legitimate to compare it to other games in the market place. Of course we appreciate the time and expertise of the crafts people that worked so hard to bring STO to life. The official launch has not begun, so now is a good time to get the feedback to the developers...what works and what does not work. For those that remember Star Trek when it first aired, the game appears to be a shallow online RPG shooter with Trek dressing. I am not alone in this view. Well, maybe there is time to fix this. Then there are the real bugs and of is a big project...yes, we can expect tweaking and repairs to continue for a long time past Beta. If we didn't tell the developers, for example that boarding party skill was broken, how would they know? The frequency and furvor in posts gives them an idea of the priority. That said, customer service is always important...whether it is after launch, head start or even in Beta. People want to know they are being heard and potential customers are deciding what their committment will be to this project. There are plenty of other games and MMO's to occupy our time. More MMO's on the way next year. From our experiences with other games we have an idea of what is possible and then add in the 'Next Generation' factor, one can understand all the disappointment. Game technology should be going forward. We need to keep the good features, grow them and the problems need to be identified and addressed. Ignoring the problems, "shooting the messenger" and telling "complainers" all to leave will only doom this MMO to a Hellgate London fate. Using your age to show you are superior to the other players does not work. If it did, I would tell you to grow up.