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01-31-2010, 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by Sharpsy
Oh, I'm not talking about the server(s) at all. I'm talking about the game itself.
I,m also in the same boat. I realy want to like the game but a decent crafting system is missing. The ground combat feels clumsy and the animation is not that great.
My first MMO was SWG and the crafting system was very good. The gameplay was hard but the game was never boring. But because of the crying that it was to difficult they broughts us the crappy NGE. Most companies want to please the casual gamer because they know that peeps come and go. You also have the console generation that don,t want complex games.
When peeps dont understand that crafting is a main issue for a MMO then they don,t understand how MMO,s work. Without equipment/ wapon repairs, deathpanelty ,crafting there is no econemy/market possible to run this MMo on a long term. Don,t look at WOW because that game is cult and alot of peeps use WOW as chatprogramm like my daughter.
But look at HL, Tabula Rasa, ***(in some way), Auto Assault, CO. They dont have a decent crafting system and most of these games are dead yet.
I dont care about server problems and bugs yet but i have other issues with this game