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# 1 Ground PvP suggestion (Melee)
01-31-2010, 12:04 PM
Okay so I know this is not a huge concern of most people because they are quite happy using their sniper rifle to 2 shot everyone but for those of us who like to use something a bit different there arnt a huge amount of viable options. Most upsetting of these is the melee combat.

I have been testing combat out on both sides including forms of melee and the different variations of it. I have basically worked it down to the Bat'leth is actualy a worthless item. Its far superior to every weapon on the field including martial arts.

A typical fight with me using a Bat'leth against a rifle wielding player usually goes that I close in I hit them a few times while using my knockbacks, legsweep etc after about 7 hits the person then decides hes going to palm strike me. This attack ends my chances of winning purely because its spammable and it procs a lot more than any of the attacks for the Bat'leth. That means I am more likely to lose control and enter an exposed state than the enemy is.

Now im not asking Bat'leths to become a hugely powerful weapon but it has a lot of flaws (and martial arts) that need tending to. The example above is becoming common practice in ground pvp and its very disheartening. I think an easy enough fix for this would be to take the expose proc away from palm striking. At least then we only have the constant knockbacks.

Secondly the actual melee range isn't feasable to fight any opponent who is moving. Even when using knockbacks people still seem to move away and slide across the floor out of melee range. Im not asking for a stupid range but I shoudlnt have to be standing on the enemies toes in order to hit them. With the current range if im hoping to melee someone and get a combo off I have to hope they are eithe stunned and cannot move, taken by suprise and wont move or exposed. As soon as they even take 1 footstep back my combo is broken and I have to start again.

So im not asking for a serious uphaul of combat viability here. Just minor tweaks that would make melee combat something more viable. I know a lot of peoples first answers relate to this not being a melee game and 'you should go back to WoW' etc but quite frankly if this wasnt designed to have any form of melee then why are there weapons and attacks for that field. And also since when in canon was a Klingon wielding a Bat'leth laughed at in battle...