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01-31-2010, 12:10 PM
Originally Posted by Keadin View Post
The open beta and headstart are free. If you paid money, that money went to the retailer as an insurance that you're not going to cancel your pre-order. Cryptic has not received a single dollar, euro or whatever from anyone who is playing this game right now. So you did NOT pay for the game and you did NOT pay for the headstart.
I've seen this argument floating around a few times. While i'm one who understand what is going on, the previous poster is right. Headstart is part of the 'services' you are getting when purchasing the product. It is part of what I purchased. In my case, if there hadn't been a 'headstart' I most certainly would NOT have paid in advance.

This is like a company saying "buy one get one free". They may not get a cent from the second one but they still told me I would get it.

Now, if it hadn't been Cryptic who promised the access to headstart you might have had a point. But since it is, you don't.