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01-31-2010, 12:16 PM
Originally Posted by Ragule
This que isnt the bad thing:

The thing that is BAD.... Cryptic kicking out people already in game to make them login on a Que.

Im sorry Cryptic, but that is just bad form. People already in game doing missions shouldnt be kicked out randomly so that others can get in. I mean yeah you want to make playtime a little fair for all, but to be fair, all this Craptastic server issues, down time, login server errors and now Que stuff.

You might not think it, but we Paid you guys good money so that we could get a head start not continue the Closed Beta testing and server testing. By now you should have had enough time over the years to read reports on how many accounts are active, how many are going to be round for head start, how many are going to be active for live and choose servers that will cope with that.
QFT. And Craptastic is suck a brilliant word, it describes this situation perfectly!

The game is unstable when going between "MAPS", I get botted more 50% of the time. If I have to sit in a sodding queue every time that happens Cryptic (and Valve as I bought this through Steam) will be receiving a nasty email from one of their "sponsors"